Your Deschutes adventure will originate at 1:00pm at Heritage Landing, near the confluence of the Deschutes and Columbia River. Heritage is about 95 miles due east of Portland, Oregon. Heritage is beautiful park with clean restrooms and cell coverage.

Driving Directions from Portland, Oregon

Rates and Booking

Deschutes River Steelhead Camp 2014 Pricing

Three days of fishing, 2 nights in camp $1650.00/per angler (Three anglers minimum/four angler max.)

Five days of fishing, 4 nights in camp $2750.00/per angler (Three anglers minimum/four anglers max.) 

Larger or Smaller Groups 

If you have more than four anglers I can contract addition guides. (Six anglers minimum)

Deschutes Fly Fishing Equipment

Spey rods are extremely effective for steelhead fishing on the Deschutes River. The ability to cast with limited back casting room is a huge advantage. In addition, the length of two-handed rods allows the angler to control the speed of the fly, which is critical for success with steelhead.

Deschutes River Spey Fishing Equipment

Rods: 11’9 to 13’6' for a #6 to #8 weight Spey rods.

Reels: Large Arbor with 150 yards of 30lb. backing.

Running Line: 30lb. Airflo RidgeLine, Miracle Braid or Mono

Deschutes Season Breakdown


Early steelhead start showing up in June though we typically don’t see good numbers until July. However, June is primetime for Deschutes trout fishing. Expect great trout fishing with the possibility of a steelhead.


The majority of Deschutes steelhead returning in July are wild. These chrome missiles are by far the hottest fish of the season and take the fly extremely well. July is a wonderful month to be on the Deschutes if you don’t like crowds. The trout fishing remains strong.

About The Fishing

Deschutes steelhead start showing up in good numbers by mid-July. The run continues through November. Resident rainbows, called “Redsides” for their distinct markings, are present year round.

Fishing Itinerary

Your trip will begin at Heritage Landing at the mouth of the Deschutes River at 2:00pm in the afternoon. From Heritage, we ascend the river's amazing canyon in my jet boat to a campsite up river. Many folks comment that the jet boat ride is worth the price of admission alone!

Great Accommodations

Your Deschutes River Camp will be on a beautiful piece of steelhead & trout water. Despite the fact that we are in the wilderness, the accommodations are very comfortable.

You'll be staying in a six-man (two anglers per tent), four-season tent. My tents have great ventilation for warm weather and seal up nicely if the weather turns. Inside of my tents, you’ll find large cots with comfortable air mattresses. There’s even a nightstand! A large, fully enclosed dinning tent protects us from the elements while eating.



Todd Harris

Todd Harris, partner in Larimer Outfitters, is a long time steelhead & trout addict. More importantly, he is passionate about sharing his vast experience in Spey fishing for steelhead, salmon and trout with the anglers he guides on the Deschutes and beyond.