Alaska West King Salmon
Alaska West King Salmon
Alaska West King Salmon

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If you've been waiting to take the Spey fishing trip of your dreams, now is the time to book your reservations for world class fishing at one of Alaska's best camps. For years the Sandy River Lodge has been next to impossible to even get a spot at. Their king season is only four weeks long and limited to only ten rods. Plus, the king salmon fishing is without question some of the best in Western Alaska. However, my co-host Eric Neufeld from Raging River Sales and I were able to secure a rare open week on the Sandy.

The Fishing:

We'll be primarily focusing on king salmon using spey rods. The kings average 15 to 25 pounds with larger fish being caught every year. Most of the king fishing takes place on the epic pools in the lower river, near the salt water. The Sandy is a medium size river and is fairly easy to wade. We will be using 18' jet boats for transportation. Each guide will have two clients per boat. The guides at Sandy River Lodge are very experienced in both two-handed casting anf fishing. If you've ever fished the Kanektok with me you probably remember guide Trevor Covich -he'll be there! Outside of king salmon, the rivers has returns of sockeye and chum salmon. Additionally, there is a resident rainbow trout fishery that is virtually untouched.


You'll want to bring Spey rods in the #8 to #10 weight range rigged with a Skagit Head and sink-tips. Intermediate Skagits also are a great tool for kings. If you plan on fishing for chums or sockeyes, pack a #7 or #8 weight Switch rod matched with a Skagit head and sink-tips. While the salmon fishing will keep you busy, don't be afraid to throw in a small spey rod or single-hander for rainbows!


I'm told that the Sandy is almost bug free! While you may need to wear bug spray while walking around the lodge in the evenings, they won't bother you while fishing.

The Lodge & Dining:

The lodge is clean and comfortable. A wind turbine, solar pannels and a generator provide WiFi and power 24 hours a day. Most anglers will share a room with another guest. The meals are hardy Alaskan fare. You won't go hungry!

Reserve Your Spot Today!

Please join Eric and me for an incredible week of fly fishing, adventure and fun. To reserve your spot to Alaska or for more information, shoot me an email or give me a call at (541) 490-9446. I’d love to help you plan your trip. 

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Cost: The trip cost for 2015 is $7600.00 which includes your $1500.00 direct charter flight from Anchorage, six full fishing days, seven comfortable nights, and more delicious food than you can eat. Airfare to Anchorage and alcohol not included. 

Target species: King, chum & sockeye salmon, rainbow trout

Dates for 2015: July 5 – 12 


Your Personal Fly Fishing Coach

Although I am not guiding while on my hosted trips, I’m there to help you with fishing questions, casting instruction and to ensure your trip goes smoothly. Additionally, I offer a FREE one-hour “Pre-Game Warm Up” for guests travelling with me on any of my hosted adventures. This time could be used for casting instruction, going through gear or anything that will make your trip easier.