Skagit Master 4 Trailer

Sun, 03/17/2013 - 13:17 -- Tom Larimer
Skagit Master 4
Great Lakes Chrome... Photo -Steelhead Alley Outfitters

I recently had the opportunity to be a part of filming Skagit Master 4 in the Great Lakes. Growing up in Wisconsin, I cut my steelhead teeth on the numerous rivers of Lake Michigan's east coast. -My guiding career started in the land of cheese but eventually landed me in northwest Michigan. After guiding in the Midwest for six years (and Alaska), I decided it was time to chase "real" steelhead. Before guiding, I had spent a couple of summers bumming around Oregon. I loved the place. When the opportunity came twelve years ago to guide the Deschutes, the trigger was pulled pretty quick. 

While I've had the chance to spend a few days fishing back there since the move, It was amazing to spend some quality time on the rivers of my past. I was blown away at how Spey fishing has impacted the Great Lakes. The anglers there have developed tackle, flies and techniques that are unique to the fishery. I learned a ton and have since applied their knowledge to my own fishing on the West Coast.

After living and guiding in both places, I've come to appreciate both theaters. I love the big steelhead rivers, the mountains and the deserts of the West Coast. Plus, it's a special thing to connect with an animal that has made such an epic journey out to the salt and back. That said, I've come to the simple realization that while Great Lakes steelhead aren't ocean going critters, they still grab the fly hard, they fight like demons and they live in beautiful places. The fish are as "real" as it gets. Steelhead anglers in the Great Lakes fish for all the reasons we do on the West Coast. In the end, it's all about the connection to something bigger than us.

My hope for the video is to show that connection. -Also, to showcase the diversity and beauty of the Great Lakes steelhead scene.

A big thanks to all of our sponcors... SageAirfloWatermasterWestern Rivers and Simms. I'd also like to tip my hat to Dave Pinczkowski, Jeff Hubbard, Jay Niederstadt, Greg Senyo, John Fabian and Will Turek for sharing their wealth of knowledge. -With out them, this would have just been a film about a guy lost in the woods.

Skagit Master 4 should be released this April.  Enjoy the Trailer!