Simms Axis Hoody Review

Sun, 09/22/2013 - 13:47 -- Tom Larimer
Simms Axis Hoody Review
Quick-dry sleeves are key

Hoodys have become standard issue gear for those of us that spend time fishing in cold weather. For good reason... It's incredible how much warmer you stay with an insulated hood over your gourd. Problem is, most hoodys are bulky and take up a lot of valuable room under your waders and wading jacket. The new Simms Axis Hoody is the perfect garment for layering when the weather turns nasty.

The Polartec Thermal Pro material is flat-out amazing. Considering its weight and thickness, its way warmer than a standard cotton hoody. Its almost as warm as a puffy jacket with half the bulk! Plus, it dries very quickly. The full zip design is cut well, has two zip hand warmer pockets & a bonded stretch woven pocket. The hood fits well, it doesn't impede on your peripheral vision, and works well under a wading jacket. But my favorite element of the Axis Hoody is the quick-dry cuffs. The patented hydrophobic cuffs prevent water from wicking up sleeves after landing a fish or while rowing your boat.

If there is one down side it would have to be the price tag. At $200 bucks the Axis Hoody is the most expensive piece in the Simms layering family. That price reflects the cost of the high-tech Thermal Pro material... According to my friends at Simms, the stuff isn't cheap. But trust me, when you're all cozy and warm this fall you won't regret spending the cash.


The Simms Axis Hoody is a light-weight layering garment that has incredible insulation properties. The piece has a great cut, a functional hood and quick dry sleeves. If you fish in cold, wet conditions, you'll want this jacket in your gear bag this fall and winter.