Deschutes River Green Drake Hatch

Fri, 06/03/2011 - 13:00 -- Thomas Larimer
Deschutes River Green Drake Hatch
Drakes are like crack for Deschutes trout

Every year, on the tail end of the salmon fly hatch, the green drake mayflies start popping on the Deschutes. The hatch usually lasts for only a few days... If you hit the hatch right, it will be a day of dry fly fishing you'll never forget. Don't expect to see huge clouds of drakes either... I swear green drakes must taste like fillet mignon to the trout. -It doesn't take many bugs on the water to get the trout ramped.

If you're headed out to the river in early to mid June, I'd have a few of these bugs in your fly box.  You can't miss the hatch when it happens. Just look for the massive mayflies that look like black hawk helicopters during the mid-day.

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