Airflo Super DRI Xceed Fly Line Review

Mon, 12/09/2013 - 14:24 -- Tom Larimer
Airflo Xceed = Ultimate Versatility

Check out this video with my good friend Tim Rajeff talking about Airflo's new Super DRI Xceed fly line. While Airflo Spey lines have become extremely popular over the years, with the introduction of the Super DRI material the company is finally making a charge in the single-hand fly line market.

The Goods:

I've spent a bunch of days both fishing and guiding with the Xceed and have had a chance to see it's strengths and weaknesses. First off, the new Super DRI material floats extremely well which has been an issue with Airflo lines in the past. More so, it's that perfect line for chasing Deschutes trout and other fisheries that demand both nymphing and dry line presentations. The front taper is aggressive enough to turn over an indicator rig, yet smooth enough you can fish most dry flies. That said, it's a little over-kill for throwing tiny dries like blue wing olives and midges. -Leave that job to the Airflo Super DRI Elite Trout or River & Stream. It's also a "bump" line. In other words it's slightly heavier to help load today's faster action rods. With that in mind, this would not be the line I would put on a slower action rod. One of the coolest features is Airflo's new "Zone" technology. In addition to Airflo's polyurethane coatings and Ridge Technology, Zone Technolgy allows for different densities within the line. Basically, the front taper and head are a supple density for gentle presentations while the rear taper and loading zone are a harder density which allows you to create more line speed on long casts. Very cool! Finally, the "pumpkin" color is visible enough for the angler to see, yet still offers a good level of stealth.

My experience:

I fished the Xceed on the Deschutes a good part of last summer and a few days this winter. I really liked the #5 weight for nymphing on my 10', #4 weight Winston Boron IIIx (read my review) It also performed well on a #5 weight rod for fishing the golden stone fly hatch. Additionally, I spent a bunch of days fishing it in Alaska this past summer. The #4 weight was suburb for throwing bushy dry flies for Grayling. More impressive was fishing the #7 weight with mouse patterns or heavy sculpins for giant rainbows on my hosted trip to Alaska West. In the end, I found the versatility of this line one of it's biggest accolades .

Save the best for last:

The best feature of all Airflo fly lines is without a doubt the fact that polyurethane is resistant to Deet, gasoline, UV rays and sunblock; All the stuff that will kill a traditional PVC fly line.

Summary of the strengths:

  • Impervious to bug dope, gas, UV light and sunscreen.
  • Zone technology lends itself to versatility
  • Ridge Technology for less line friction
  • Great "all around" design for multiple fishing situations
  • Designed to load today's fast action rods.

Summary of the weakness:

  • Not great for tiny dry flies size 20 and under
  • Not a good choice for slow action rods