Airflo Streamer Switch -Design Thoughts

Thu, 05/14/2015 - 01:21 -- Tom Larimer
Airflo Streamer Switch
The Airflo Streamer Switch is the ultimate two-handed streamer line

Spey anglers have been chasing trout with the long rod for years. However, streamer fishing has been somewhat frustrating because there hasn’t been a Spey line designed specifically with the needs of trout anglers in mind… until now. Airflo recently released my newest line design, the Streamer Switch.

Working with Tim Rajeff and the design team at Rajeff Sports, we’ve created the ultimate line for streamer fishing with Microspeys and switch rods. –There’s nothing like this line on the market today. Here are a few of my favorite features of the Airflo Streamer Switch…

  • Integrated Design

While shooting head systems work well for steelhead and salmon fishing, having loops rattling through the guides when fishing short or when playing a big fish on light tippet doesn’t work well. Instead, we made the Streamer Switch fully integrated. The easy to see running line is a hot orange, which contrasts well against the stealthy mint green head.

  • Easy to Cast 

The short length and mass of a Skagit taper helps you load the rod and has enough mass to turn over heavy Sink-tips and big streamers. If you’re an advanced caster, you’ll appreciate how much control this line gives you. If you’re new to the sport, this is a great line to start your Spey casting career with.

  • Power Meets Finesse

While doing research on this line I had numerous anglers tell me they love the way a Skagit taper casts but wished it landed on the water a little softer, especially when fishing soft flats in the winter. When compared to the Airflo Skagit Switch, the Streamer Switch is slightly less aggressive.  It still has enough power to throw a heavy streamer yet as the cast goes outbound it lands with a little more finesse.  

  • Poly Leaders and Level T-Material

The Streamer Switch comes packaged with a 10’ Extra Heavy -fast sinking Poly Leader, which is a nice all around sink-tip. That said, the line will throw a variety of densities in both Poly Leaders and level T-material. I prefer 10’ sink-tips in T-10 and T-7 though it will handle longer tips as well.

  • The Ultimate Mousing Line

Last summer I fished the Streamer Switch extensively for big trout, dollies and grayling on the Winston Microspeys in western Alaska. While it was great for throwing moderate sized sculpins, it dominates when paired with an Extra Heavy Floating Poly Leader, a stout 4’ leader and a mouse pattern. The bulky mouse fly creates enough stick on the water to help anchor a Spey cast. Throwing big furry critters has never been easier!

  • Not Just For Trout

Anglers chasing smallmouth, landlocked Atlantics, grayling, dollies, small steelhead and bull trout are already writing me to say how much they love this line. While I designed it with trout in mind, the sky is the limit. 

  • Perfect for Microspeys and Small Switch Rods

The Streamer Switch is available in Spey line sizes #4 (300 grains) through #6 (420 grains). Like all of our Spey lines, we built the line in 30 grain increments. Consequently, you’ll notice that we offered half line sizes. (#4.5, #5.5)  If you’re new to the sport this may seam a bit confusing at first but the concept is pretty easy. Half line sizes simply allow you to tune your rod to your specific casting stroke. Finally, with a head length of 18.5’ to 19.5’, the new Airflo Streamer Switch is the perfect “small-ball” two-handed streamer line.

  • Summary

If you're looking for a fully integrated Microspey/switch line for throwing streamers and sink-tip that is easy to cast yet offers some finesse and stealth, check out the Airflo Streamer Switch.

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