The Airflo Story

Thu, 03/28/2013 - 13:07 -- Tom Larimer
Airflo Fly Lines
Go with the Flo

I started fishing Airflo Fly Lines when I moved to Oregon, almost thirteen years ago. The first thing I noticed was the incredible feel of the lines. The polyurethane coating was very supple yet the lines had amazing loop stability during the cast. Plus, they were way more durable than other lines out there. In the end, I just loved the way Airflo lines cast.

Tim Rajeff, the North American distributor for Airflo, approached me about seven years ago to help design a new Skagit head. The Skagit Compact was the first of a family of four Spey lines that Tim and I developed. Its been a great experience working with both Tim and the guys at Airflo in England.

However, there's always been a disconnect for me... Because our production facilities are in the UK, I've never been to the birth place of our fly lines! I hope to visit the factory someday but until then, the "Airflo Story" does a great job of giving a factory tour. Producer Todd Moen of Catch Magazine follows Airflo's Production Manager Richard Wothers for a behind the scenes look into the development and production of Airflo fly lines.

Grab a cup of coffee, kick back and enjoy.

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