Airflo Skagit Switch Video on Deneki

Mon, 02/06/2012 - 16:21 -- Tom Larimer
Airflo Skagit Switch
Airflo Skagit Switch

I work closely with the folks from Deneki Outdoors with my hosted trips to Alaska, BC and the Bahamas. Check out this video from their blog on using the new Airflo Skagit Switch fly line on longer spey rods. 

As the steelhead rivers get busier, I'm often times forced to fish smaller "out of the way" pieces of water. These mini runs often times have limited back casting room which requires a super small D-loop. -The Skagit Switch is perfect for sink-tip fishing in these tight spots. Outside of a smaller D-loop, the shorter head also makes lifting big sink-tips and heavy flies mega easy. To be honest, I love this line so much I've gone to fishing it just about 100% of the time, especially on spey rods in the 11'9 to 13' range. -Just line your rod 30 grains lighter than your Skagit Compact and you'll be in business.

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