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Fri, 07/25/2014 - 10:17 -- Tom Larimer
Winston Microspey Boron III TH MS
Winston Microspeys -Boron III TH MS

I’ve had the great privilege of designing a new series of “trout sized Spey rods" for the Winston Rod Company. Working with rod design guru Annette McClean, we are releasing three models in the Boron III TH Microspey family this September.

The Microspey series and grain windows:

  • #3 weight, 10 ½’  (270-190 grains)
  • #4 weight, 11’     (330-240 grains)
  • #5 weight, 11 ½’  (390-300 grains)

As the name implies, these are not “switch” rods… In other words, we didn’t try to make the rod do everything. Most switch rods are incredibly fast action through the butt section making them akin to spey casting a 2X4 piece of lumber. On the contrary, the Microspey taper has a slightly faster tip with a smooth and groovy mid and butt section giving them more of a traditional medium-fast Spey action coupled with the unmistakable Winston feel.

These rods take trout fishing to a new level! I had a chance to test the prototypes on the Deschutes and numerous rivers in Alaska. I can't wait to fish half pounder steelhead, smallmouth and landlocked salmon with them... They are mega fun!

In addition to the Microspey project, I am designing two new lines for Airflo built specifically for smaller two-handed rods. –More on that project soon!


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