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How To Tie Larimer's "Brazilian" Steelhead Fly

Sat, 01/10/2015 - 11:58 -- Tom Larimer
Larimer Brazilian Steelhead Fly
The Brazilian getting it done.

Here's a video that Tony Torrence from the Caddis Fly Shop in Eugene graciously did on tying Larimer's "Brazilian" steelhead pattern.

I fish this pattern in a size #5 as a searching fly when summer steelhead won't eat a brighter pattern like my "Purple Green Butt" or "Unconditional". I'll often tie it on a gold Alec Jackson Spey hook for searching purposes. Also, I originally tied this fly with a brown mink tail wing and copper flash.

One of the greatest attributes to this wet fly is that it will coax steelhead with sun on the water. If I'm fishing in a situation where the sun is behind the fish, I've never found its equal.

It's also a great "come back" pattern when a steelhead refuses a brighter pattern. Consequently I also tie it on #7 and #9 hooks. Tony's uses a black fox wing and black Crystal Flash on the video which is a deadly combo as a come back fly.

If you're not a fly tier, this pattern is available through most fly shops. Although I originally tied it for the Deschutes, the Brazilian has become very popular on the Clearwater, Grand Ronde, Klickitat and other Columbia River tributaries. I've also moved a number of fish to it on the North Umpqua.

The Caddis Fly Shop has a huge volume of great selection of tying materials in the shop and tons of fly tying videos on their blog. Check it out right here.

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